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Making Sense Of Voices - 3 Day Workshop




Making sense of voices: Utilising a biographical and social orientated approach to empower and enable mental health recovery

24th -26nd April 2017
9.30am - 4pm
Science Complex, Dale Building, Room 007

Facilitated and Presented by Peter Bullimore
Trainer and Educator, Voice Hearer and Chair of Sheffield Hearing Voices Network and the
co-founder of Paranoia Network

The traditional approach to working with voice hearers focuses upon inabilities and deficits, rather than individuals’ inherent ability to understand and cope with their voices and other experiences. This course is grounded on acceptance of lived experiences of voice hearing. Participants will be taught to employ the Maastricht Interview for voices, an assessment tool developed by Dr Sandra Escher and Professor Marius Romme, which provides a structured method for understanding and working with a voice hearer’s experience.

This is a great opportunity for a shared learning experience between voice hearers and practitioners, and discounted rates are available for users of mental health services. The price includes the cost of the full 3 day event and a Continuing Professional Development Certificate.


Detailed Description

Day 1

•There will be a maximum of 30 workers and  3 voices hearers present, the voice hearers will come from the Sheffield Hearing Voices Network

•There will be a presentation and overview of how to use the Maastricht Interview

•Workers will work in groups and they will interview a voice hearer using the Maastricht Interview and they will then be required to write a report of the interview the information will be carefully distilled and used to form a construct of the experience

Day 2

•The workers will interview a second voice hearer and write up the second interview

•They will then have to develop a construct of the experiences of the people they interviewed

•They will look to answer two questions:

  1.What do they voices represent in the person’s life?

  2.Whom do the voices represent?


•They will then be asked to feed them back, and they will be compared to the reports and constructs, that have already been completed by Professor Marius Romme & Dr Sandra Escher

•If there are any mistakes they can be rectified and the worker will have a correct report and construct, as an outline to use with other voice hearers

•Maastricht Day 3

The outline of the Maastricht training on the third day we would look at how we would use the information from the construct, we would try and associate the events in a person’s life to what the voices comment on often from a metaphorical perspective the aim is to reduce the fear behind the voices which can be created by frozen terror, this is when the person often still sees difficult events in their life through a Childs eyes. This would include setting the scene to use the interview, facilitating disclosure, inner child work, using the trauma triad to unlock the frozen terror, voice dialogue.

Please contact Clare Brizzolara for special rates if you use mental health services.


If you are unable to attend the workshop, a full refund will be offered if you cancel your place up to 14 days prior to the start of the workshop. Refunds will not be given after this time period.

Please note that for the purpose of the workshop the presenters will be sharing personal information which may be distressing in nature to some people. Please take this in to consideration in deciding whether or not to make the booking but the workshop team will endeavour to support anyone who may become distressed during the workshop. If you have any queries or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact Clare Brizzolara to discuss.

For further information contact:
Clare  Brizzolara
Faculty of Health Sciences  Wellbeing
Dale Building
City Campus
Tel: 0191 5152172
Email: clare.brizzolara@sunderland.ac.uk

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